Letter: ASH – Affordable Sustainable Homesteads

Letter: ASH – Affordable Sustainable Homesteads

Dear Sir:

The sick man of the planet is government. Governments have become too large, expensive, bungling, bureaucratic and lack the managerial and technical wherewithal to solve basic problems; in health, education, security, food, transport, communications; and water and energy capture. Many are constantly building militaries for making war. Some tax the lifeblood of the people. Many have become appendages of global corporations and military and drug bureaus; they are not the masters, they are the serfs. Many of them have lost touch with their peoples. Many become bedeviled by partisan frenzy and chaos.


The picture is clear. Governments can no longer be relied on to provide affordable and sustainable living for the planet. Our governments, who often want to empower us, boasting of such, has become disempowered; and is busily, as if its life depended on it, disempowering the people. If the peoples of the planets go on following, relying on governments to save them, willy-nilly, they and the planet will end up in hell in a coconut shell.

Some, confronted with hard livelihoods, austerity, demand government reform. Some, confronted with this easy symbiosis of big commercial bank, big currency, big corporation, big government, big central bank, the proverbial one percent hegemony, demand an end to capitalism. Confronting the financialization of economics and governance some occupy Wall Street. Confronting the cancerous impacts of ecological crimes against the planet, some question whether humans deserve to survive.

Stephen Hawking has suggested that mankind needs to act fast to find a new footing in space: the discovery of new planets elsewhere! Just as the historical serfs subsisted under a concordat between churchman and king, so too the modern citizen subsists under a concordat between global corporations, which possess immense media finesse and technical savvy, and the sick man himself, government.

But affordability and sustainability, and therefore a solution for planetary existence, may be arrived at.

Affordability means the reduction of the costs of living, water, energy, money, transport, education, health, security, food, and communications for the ordinary citizen and family by over 50 percent.

Sustainability means saving ecological, economic, social and technical wealth for our children. That is, organizing a life fit for 22nd century living.

One answer lies in managerial and technical wherewithal. This must be the new ideology. To invest both government and the ordinary citizen, in the homestead, community, nation, with the managerial and technical wherewithal to dig us out of this deep ‘hole to China’. Invested with managerial and technical wherewithal – with the best technical approaches and innovations in health, education, security, transport, communications, money, food, water and energy – individuals, families, communities and nations may then detach themselves from overreliance on government and the global corporation to survive affordably and sustainably; and the planet and its myriad species may sail on towards an indefinite future. The answer lies in the common air about us, the ordinary ambient air, and the sun: protonic and photonic energies.

The fundamental building block of human civilization is the human home in the human plot of land: the homestead. Can we load an optimum amount of protonic (artificial intelligence, cybernetics, cryptocurrency, 3D technology), and photonic (the sun) energies on a homestead to bring about optimum affordability and sustainability? So that this homestead, with its dwellers, may strategically detach from our burdensome overreliance on government and corporate income; and secure the future for itself, the community, the nation and the planet?

The technical wherewithal is there. The human intelligence is there. The managerial competence is there. What is needed is synthesis: bringing together the technology, the human intelligence; under an altered form of governance; to empower both the people and the government. To empower both with affordability and sustainability; deploying innovation and resolve.

Can protonic and photonic wherewithal cause mutual empowerment between people and government? Affordable and sustainable homes engender an affordable and sustainable community, nation and planet. ASH is an acronym for Affordable Sustainable Homesteads.

It is dedicated to loading optimum protonic and photonic power, on an already-existing plot of land, 100 feet by 100 feet, to gain maximum affordability and sustainability in domestic inputs: water, energy, health, education, communications, security, transport, food, money, building materials and household consumables.

Wayne Kublalsingh