Sports Commentary: Violations of the USVI Soccer Association statutes and financial irregularities

By Collister M. Fahie

80 “Points of Concern”/13 “Violations of Statutes”

While there are many ways to obtain information from soccer associations all over the world, it appears that the most direct way is to ask pertinent questions and raise concerns. In the US Virgin Islands, for example, there has been almost two decades of secreting away of financial information from the general membership by “All the President’s Men” that can only be labelled as “colonialistic” in my view.


Collister M. Fahie lives on St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. He is the Legal Administrative Coordinator/Public Safety Officer for the Government of the Virgin Islands. (Public Employees Relations Board) He was elected Administrative Secretary of the USVI Soccer Association in 1998 and subsequently elected unopposed as First Vice President of the USVI Soccer Association four years later (2002). He is the President of the United We Stand Sports Club, Inc. (UWS Sports Club) a sports event non-profit corporation and voting member of the USVI Soccer Association. He is also President of Advanced Soccer Academy, Inc.; USVI non-profit corporation that operates Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Programs (JDPP) since 2006. He has an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies and a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Legal Studies from Keiser University.

Keep the ignorant, ignorant; and then blame them for not asking questions. Typical bait and switch. I respectfully seek answers to the many questions, which the membership has a right to know.

However, discerning individuals who can smell a skunk a mile off must also call a spade a spade. The USVI Soccer Association (USVISA) is nothing more than a one man show because of the lack of transparency, accountability, and integrity that permeates the organization.

I pose the following 80 points of concern and 13 violations to the USVI Soccer Association Executive Committee prior to the upcoming Congress on August 6, 2017, because it just cannot continue as “business as usual”. However, first, every tub must sit on its own bottom. Clubs must finally awake for they have been asleep for much too long.

Violations of the USVISA statutes:

1. Breach of duty of loyalty, confidentiality, and neutrality

2. Breach of duty of ethics, integrity, and duty to avoid conflicts of interest

3. Engaging in fraud and forgery

4. Mismanagement of USVISA funds and concealing financial transactions

5. Abuse of process, power, and authority

6. Bringing the association into disrepute and legal liability

7. Engaging in bribery and intimidation

8. Engaging in defamation and conspiracy to defame members

9. Intentionally breaching contracts

10. Paying for expenses without funds to cover those expenses

11. Co-mingling of funds, failing to clear all debt, concealing debt, and failing to balance the books of the USVISA

12. Infringing on the independence and makeup of the Congress

13. Intentionally misleading the Congress, Executive Committee, CONCACAF, and FIFA

Points of concern:

1. Provide all payments and other funding received for national team travel

2. Provide a listing of all FIFA, CONCACAF, and CFU grants.

3. Explain why children are being asked to pay for camps while USVISA gets funds for free.

4. Explain why the USVISA wants to shut down the grassroots program for the poorest children but not for the children’s programs for those who can afford.

5. Explain how the women’s program is listed as receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars when there was no women’s football program.

6. Explain why all who vote for the president’s agenda (irregularities) gets coaching and paid appointments and other jobs and/or get paid to vote – and grants while those who do not support the president’s agenda (irregularities) get little or no appointments.

7. Explain how paying executive members and club leaders is not a conflict of interest.

8. Did the president use one signature on USVISA checks without the knowledge of the other signatories and executive committee members?

9. Explain why the first vice president has been given no financial reports, no invoices in and out of the association.

10. Explain why the second vice president has been given no financial reports, no invoices in and out of the association.

11. Explain why the general secretaries have been given no financial reports, no invoices in and out of the association.

12. Explain why executive members have been given no financial reports, no invoices in and out of the association.

13. Explain why the USVISA has an acting general secretary and an asst. general secretary.

14. Did the former women’s development officer get paid $2,500 a month and is he the new acting technical director?

15. Did the USVISA engage in co-mingling of funds from FIFA FAP funds and goal project funds?

16. How much funds from the USVISA are accounted for from January 1, 2016 – August 5, 2017?

17. Are all the standing committees for the USVISA in place or are there any that have not been filled?

18. Explain any money management policies that are being put in place.

19. Was there any money management policies in place since 2011?

20. Are vendors still owed payments?

21. If vendors are owed who and how much are they owed?

22. Did the USVISA executive committee agree to write any checks without having funds in the bank accounts?

23. Did the USVISA executive committee process checks of the USVISA or is it being informed after the fact?

24. Did the USVISA president and/or general secretary withhold financial information from the executive committee?

25. What is the number of accounts operated by the USVISA?

26. Are the Bank of Nova Scotia accounts still open and in operation or closed?

27. Are there any other accounts opened in any other banks by the USVISA?

28. Who are the signatories on the USVISA bank account(s)?

29. Who are the signatories on any other USVISA financial account(s) – certificate of deposit, bonds, etc?

30. When did Bert Smith & Co replace Benham & Hodge PC as auditor?

31. Did Bert Smith & Co. report on USVISA funds received from FIFA?

32. Did Bert Smith & Co. report on any other USVISA funds?

33. Did Bert Smith & Co. report on USVISA funds received from the 2014 World Cup bonus?

34. Who signed on behalf of Bert Smith & Co.?

35. Provide FIFA FAP form 1-4 for 2011 – 2015.

36. Provide the contract and all payments made to Forward Sports by the USVISA.

37. Provide the contracts and all payments made to all apparel companies by the USVISA.

38. Was K. Cornelius a signatory on the USVISA bank account(s) when he was general secretary?

39. Why was K. Cornelius terminated as general secretary?

40. What USVISA bank account(s) is M. Gaikwad, J. Limeburner, and A. Randolph a signatory?

41. Is M. Gaikwad still acting general secretary or assistant secretary of administration and what is her salary?

42. Provide all contracts and payments made to contractors working on the USVISA Goal Project, and to all travel agencies.

43. Provide all payments and contracts for exco meetings, per diems, and catering.

44. Provide letters from law firms and attorneys concerning legal claims against the USVISA and any response from USVISA.

45. Provide all other information and documents related to legal issues concerning the USVISA.

46. Provide all information and documents pertaining to the USVISA’s attempt to obtain a work permit on behalf of the former technical director.

47. Provide the contract between the USVISA and the former technical director.

48. Provide cancelled checks of all payments made to the former technical director from December 2015 through April 2017.

49. Provide all cancelled or processed checks from the USVISA from January 2011 to July 2017.

50. How does the executive committee put its budget together to ensure getting FIFA FAP funds?

51. Did Pricewaterhousecoopers (PWC) (FIFA auditors) complete the central review of the USVISA finances as stated in January by the USVISA president?

52. Why does the USVISA have armed police officers moonlighting as security guards at the Congress and other USVISA membership meetings and events?

53. Does the USVISA have 501(c) status as a non-profit organization and is the organization in “good standing” with the government?

54. Did the USVISA president receive or accept $40,000 in the “bribes for votes” scandal in 2011?

55. Why was the USVISA president fined and reprimanded by FIFA in 2011?

56. How much funds did the USVISA president receive (personally or on behalf of the USVISA) from CONCACAF, CFU, and the Olympic Committee?

57. How much funds did the USVISA president receive (personally or on behalf of the USVISA) from the VI legislature, department of sports, parks, and recreation, department of tourism from 2011 to 2017?

58. How much funds did the USVISA president receive (personally or on behalf of the USVISA) from private entities?

59. How much funds did the USVISA president receive (personally or on behalf of the USVISA) from other confederations, member associations, and international football officials?

60. Provide copies of all checks paid to the government for the lease of the land at Estate Bethlehem.

61. Provide copies of all checks paid for legal representation.

62. Did the USVISA contribute any funds to the St Thomas Cricket Association to refurbish and upgrade the Cancryn cricket field?

63. How many women, youth, and beach soccer festivals did the USVISA host in 2016 and 2017 and what was the cost of each individual festival?

64. Who is the uniform supplier?

65. Who are the owners of the uniform supplier?

66. Who are the general secretaries?

67. Who is the technical director?

68. How much are the general secretaries being paid?

69. How much is the technical director being paid?

70. How much is the women’s development officer being paid?

71. Provide contracts for all executive members, general secretaries, and technical directors?

72. Did the USVISA make any large payments to E. Taylor and/or G. Monticieux?

73. Did the USVISA receive $750,000 from the FIFA World Cup 2014?

74. If so, how was the $750,000 FIFA World Cup 2014 bonus spent?

75. Provide all payments for travel on behalf of the USVISA.

76. Provide all names of persons who travelled on behalf of the USVISA to CFU, CONCACAF, and FIFA meetings and events.

77. Who is the bookkeeper for the USVISA?

78. Who is the administrative assistant for the USVISA?

79. What is the contract for the truckers removing the topsoil from the Goal Project construction site?

80. Do you believe the membership has a right to know all the information concerning the USVI Soccer Association?