Will Trump's presidency impact the Caribbean?

Will Trump's presidency impact the Caribbean?


President Donald Trump

DUBLIN, Ireland — Donald Trump has been no stranger to controversy since he was elected in 2016. His mannerisms, volatility and divisive policies have come to shape people’s view of him as a wildcard and potential threat to the global status quo.

America is undoubtedly one of the most powerful countries in the world, and so Trump’s reach and influence could well extend beyond the national borders, to almost anywhere in the world. Here are some of the ways his presidency might affect the Caribbean and its economy.


Trump is well known as being an incredibly wealthy billionaire, and his policies seem to reflect this. He has already started talking about trade deals with countries like Britain, and the Caribbean could well be in his sights as he seeks to form new trade relationships.

Given Trump’s isolationist agenda, however, these trade deals could be difficult to negotiate, considering that he may want to ensure deal heavily favours the American economy. This might be unpopular amongst some Caribbean countries, given that their trade operations have been turbulent at times. It remains to be seen how a trade deal would take shape in the future, but if the Caribbean has something Trump desires, it could well be in his sights.


The anti-immigration stance taken by the president could be indicative of his future policymaking, and this could mean that immigration to the US will be a much harder task from places like the Caribbean.

It also means that the Caribbean could have an influx of immigrants from the US, which could in fact be beneficial to certain countries should they provide a healthy economic boost. This will depend on the exact measures trump takes to reduce immigration, and whether US citizens are sufficiently dissatisfied with his policies to actually move country.

Climate Change

As one of the most potent existential threats to humankind’s existence, climate change has a lot of people/countries worried, but the Caribbean could be in particular danger, given that many Caribbean countries are quite close to sea level. A rise in sea levels could be dangerous to the region, and damage many of the businesses along the coastline.

Trump has made it very clear that he opposes any shift to renewable energy, having appointed fossil fuel advocate Daniel Simmons as head of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, and this could pose a severe threat to the Caribbean.

Caribbean Economy

Those trading stocks and shares will no doubt be familiar with the unpredictability of market behaviour, which is strongly influenced by political and economic activity. The Caribbean economy, just like any other world economy, is susceptible to changes in the global economic landscape, and Trump’s volatility as a leader could well prove to be dangerous.

The main effect Trump has had on global markets and economies is to introduce a high level of uncertainty, as he has the capability to make quick and unpredictable decisions. The Caribbean economy must adapt to this and be well protected against America’s uncertain economic strategy.

Trump’s presidency is likely to have far reaching consequences across the globe, but especially on those countries which are situated near America. The Caribbean region faces a changing political and economic landscape and may well have to adjust to controversial and uncertain American policies.